Fish Live

Fish Live 1.4.1

Create and look after your own aquarium


  • Attractive graphics
  • Lots of fish to choose from
  • Calming music
  • Share your tanks with other players


  • Very slow moving


Fish Live allows you to build a virtual aquarium on your Android device and raise of a thriving tank of fish.

The idea of Fish Live is much the same as looking after fish in real life. You start with an empty tank and must buy fish, feed them, breed them and show them love. Once you're proud of your community of little aquatic friends you can invite others to come and view your tank.

Fish Live is enjoyable to play for a while. There are lots of different types of cute fish to choose from and you can decorate your tank with different plants and objects. You can interact with your fish by feeding, loving or breeding them. All options are located in a handy pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen in Fish Live.

You earn coins and experience points in Fish Live based on how well you look after your tank and how often you check back in to look on your fish. If you get tired of waiting you can buy fish cash with real money which you can spend on more fish and other items.

Fish Live looks great, and the combination of the bright, colorful graphics and tranquil soundtrack will mesmerize you. Ultimately though, the gameplay of Fish Live is limited and it won't take long for you to get bored of it.

If you love fish and have the patience it takes to nurture your tank you'll enjoy Fish Live. If you're looking for action though, you've come to the wrong app!

Fixed the force close bugs in the previous update


  • Fixed the force close bugs in the previous update

Fish Live


Fish Live 1.4.1

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